Our team is passionate about their work and always ready to help. We all enjoy travelling and believe that Uganda is a great travel destination for you to explore. Just get in touch with us and we will assist you with planning a trip to Uganda.

Bonny Kwiringira – Partner/ Director/Board Member

Bonny Kwiringira – Partner Director and Board MemberBonny lives in Kampala (Uganda). He is married and together with his wife, they have a son. They got married in 2008. Bonny holds a Diploma in Theology majoring in Christian Ministries from Kampala Evangelical School of Theology (KEST) 2018-2020. He enrolled in a Governance course for 3 years in Watoto’s School of Community Leadership from 2008 -2011. He also holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Team University (2002-2004).

From a young age, Bonny had a passion for nature and tourism. His dream came true when he finally joined the tourism industry in 2006 where he started leading different mission teams that came from all around the world to tour Uganda. Most teams come from USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, several Scandinavian and African countries.

In 2011, he was inspired to start his own company and in 2014 we were able to register WESTRIVER SIDE SAFARIS. Bonny loves the tourism industry. He has been fully involved since 2006 to date; this has given him vast experience in all forms of the industry. He invites you to come to the Pearl of Africa, Uganda, where he believes all hidden treasures of the world are found.

Last year (2020) we ventured into Coffee tourism/production near Bwindi where you find Mountain Gorillas in western Uganda.

Steve Wolfe- Partner/ Board Member

Steve Wolfe-Partner Board MemberMy name is Steve and I serve with my wife Karen in Uganda for Jesus.

We have eight children whom we are so blessed to call ours.

As a Pastor and Hospital Administrator it has been incredible to see how God is moving through West Riverside Safaris.

One of my favorite places to visit in Uganda is Lake Bunyonyi and my favorite animals are the zebras and lions.

We pray for God’s continued blessing and guidance and invite you to come and see what God is doing!


Karen Wolfe – Partner/ Board Member

Karen Wolfe – Partner Board MemberKaren lives in the US in the state of Pennsylvania. Her love of her life is her husband Steve and they have been married since 1990. She has 4 sons and 1 daughter in the US and 2 sons and 1 daughter in Uganda.

Karen has been coming to Uganda since 2011 and calls Uganda her home away from home.

Karen loves Jesus and one of her favorite Bible Verses is Colossians 3:17 “Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Coffee, tourism and her family and friends are her passions. If she is not touring around Uganda with her friends and family, she is drinking a latte at a café.


Denis Ssenjego- Partner/Board Member/ Director

Denis Ssenjego- PartnerBoard Member DirectorDenis stays in Kampala, Uganda. He is studying for a Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics at Kyambogo University. He is the elder brother to Derrick and Diana.

Denis says “God has blessed him with a wonderful family from the USA (the Wolfe family) that came with such a wonderful dream that everyone would like to work with.

It takes one step to travel a thousand miles. Thank you, God, for staying with us all along.” His favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 54:17.


Bob Mugisha – Board Member

Bob Mugisha – Board MemberBob is a social work and social administration graduate passionate about nature and wildlife.

He is one of the board members of West Riverside safaris, a company that is involved in tourism and coffee production and through its activities; social, physical and spiritual impact is being realized in the community especially where coffee is being grown in Kihihi, Kanungu district Southwestern Uganda and he is a big part of this.

He loves touring all over Uganda appreciating the pearl of Africa’s God given beauty and is grateful to be a part of this great company whose values are all about service to humanity and having Godly fun through tourism.

1 Peter 4:8-9 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.


Derrick Kalyowa- Partner/ Board Member

Derrick Kalyowa- Partner Board MemberDerrick lives in Kampala, Uganda being adopted by American parents, “Mama Karen and Dad Steve”.

Derrick says that he loves God, and he really believes that God can do anything that no man can do.

Derrick has many testimonies for what God has done for him with his family both in the USA and Uganda.

He loves tourism and by God’s grace he has shares in West Riverside Safaris: “The best tourism company in Uganda!”

His favorite Bible verse is John 14:14


Diana Nakyazze – Partner/ Board Member

Diana Nakyazze – Partner Board MemberDiana says, “Tourism is one of the best things that one needs to have especially in Uganda with the West Riverside Safaris company.”

Diana lives in Kampala, Uganda and currently goes to St. Marks College, Namagoma.

She thinks that God has blessed this world with gorgeous things, like nature, which one needs to see and surely bless God’s name.


Patricia Namatovu

Patricia NamatovuPatricia is West Riverside Safaris’ best champion.

She has a smile that is a mile wide and will make your heart happy.

She often goes with the team on most of the adventures.

She is a future leader.

Her dream someday is to be an accountant.


The group is ready to serve your needs.